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To be a muse is to be a wonder in someone else's eyes, flaws and all.” ― L.H. Cosway

Midnight Muse is about that one detail that makes you unique from all the rest. It a perfect symbiosis of elegance, uniqeness and femininity for every kind of occasion.

It's the current main collection. Prices from 950,-€


With a perfect sense for glamour and charme the Prisma Spring Collection unites playfully draped silk chiffon and high detailed shiny Swarovski crystall bead embroidery.

Priced from 1500,-€


The SUN&MOON series gowns appeal through their unusual high amount of handcrafted complex details and enchanting appereance. They are already sold out but orders for designs of similiar complexity are possible from 2400,- €


Meet the Award winning Gown in the category OUTSTANDING TALENT 2015 from the international design contest FRANKFURT STYLE AWARD. It contains over 8000 colourful PRECIOSA crystal beads and handpainted multilayered silk chiffon skirt. It participated for the theme „Over The Rainbow“. Designs of similiar complexity are possible from 2400,- €


A prototype design inspirend by artfully lines and out-cuts, decorated with bronze-colored metal beads on finest brocade fabric. Price for a similar design from 1500,- €


Meet the romantic hand-painted silk-chiffon dresses from the INBETWEEN collection. It describes a wonderful mystical realm between the two worlds of reality and dream. The mixed silk colours royal blue and red, represent the different emotional states of a free mind and being down to earth to create different fluent tones of purple, symbolizing the idea of "inbetween".  You can purchase a handpainted and draped silk-chiffon dress from 1200,-€


They say there is no light without dark, no good without evil.." ― Laurell K. Hamilton  

The Antagonista costumes are inspired by goddesses from the greek mythology, representing the good and the bad to ensure existencial balance.

The very extraordinary couture costumes can be rent for a special event or a photo shoot. Prices are from 85,-€



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