Anastasia Liebe is an award-winning Couturier since 2012, specializing in high-quality gowns with an extraordinary sense for beauty, finest details and pure femininity.

An Anastasia Liebe Gown is about that one detail that makes you unique from all the rest. It a perfect symbiosis of elegance and uniqeness.“


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I am a passionated couturier and illustrator from Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and I have devoted myself to create extraordinary customized couture gowns. Already since my early childhood I was fascinated by visionary designs and elaborate handcrafted unique pieces.

This enthusiasm accompanied me throughout my development as a professional fashion designer and played an essential role when I decided to establish my own brand to create wonderful wearable dreams.


As a couturier, I create master pieces for different occasions such as:

  • wedding
  • red Carpet
  • cocktail reception
  • evening events
  • movie and theatre
  • stage